5 Ways to Show Yourself Love

As a big advocate of Self-Love & Self-Care... Here's a few of my tips for giving back to YOU..

1) Schedule time for Yourself:
It doesn't have to be a lot of time. 15-30 minutes a day of doing something that brings you joy. Whether its reading, listening to music, doing the crossword. Mine is my quiet time with my coffee in the mornings. 

2) Be Kind to Your Body:
Give back to your body! Setting aside time to give back to you body is rewarding and also necessary. Take the time to exercise, practice yoga, make a healthy meal, or schedule a massage. 

3) De-Stress Daily:
It doesn't have to be long... Maybe its 15-minutes. But giving yourself a moment to de-stress at the end of your day (or anytime!) - Can make all the difference in the rest of your week. Perhaps a short meditation, taking a bath, coloring, sipping tea, going for a walk.. whatever helps you to let go and unwind.

4) Practice Saying No:
This one may sound silly, but I've found a great benefit from learning to say "No." It's OK to put yourself first at times, even if it may disappoint someone else. Does this speak to you? Give it a try!

5) Take a minute or two to say "Thank You.":
Give love and appreciation to yourself. Remind yourself of the great work that you are doing. Maybe even throw in one of my favorite mantras, also known as the Ho'oponopono Healing Process:  "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you." 

2017. Tips for keeping those healthy resolutions

A new year, a fresh start. Many of us take the time to make New Years Resolutions. Goals to work towards. Intentions for the upcoming year. I personally think that its a great thing to do! To take the time to set these intentions, we are looking inward, and creating a clear vision of what we would like our lives to look like. Now, the harder part may be to remain focused in order to achieve such goals.

Most of us want to be healthier. We want to take better care of our bodies... Eat Better. Sleep More. Exercise Regularly. Receive Massages. I have witnessed the fluctuations in healthy habits within myself and with my clients. From this experience, I would like to offer just a few tips for staying on that healthy train...


  • Start Small. Trying to add too much too soon is overwhelming, and usually leads to burnout. Want to achieve 10 new healthy habits!? Great!! Let's start with just one or two, then once they become routine, begin to explore more.                                                                                                 
  • Schedule Your Appointments. In my experience, the best way to make that Thai Massage, Yoga Class, Personal Training Session... Schedule It! If it's in the calendar, on the books, for the best time possible.. That's when we are more likely to commit and make it happen.                                          
  • Avoid Over - Scheduling. Yes, Book those Appointments! But remember not to over-commit yourself. Find a comfortable schedule. Start small, then add more if necessary.                                                                                
  • Find Your Balance. Remember, what works for one may not work for the next. The Number 1 Question that I hear: "How often should I get a massage?" To which I always answer: "Everyone is different." Find a schedule that keeps you feeling balanced, and relaxed. If it begins to stress us out, then we are defeating our purpose. What does your schedule allow? Your budget? What is your body saying that it needs & how often? Start there.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful. I am grateful to be providing service of health and healing. It is an honor to work with you and I look forward to seeing you soon! 

Thai Foot Reflexology - an ancient approach to foot massage

Do you stand on your feet all day at work? Do you tend to carry a lot of tension in your neck and shoulders? Are you a training runner or athlete? Or, do you just feel like treating your feet to a nice hour-long massage?
If you answered yes to any of these, read on!

I absolutely LOVE this treatment! I love giving it. I love receiving it. I believe in it.
Before I go on about all the things I love about this session and how it may benefit you, let me catch you up on the history of this ancient healing foot remedy.

Thai Foot Reflexology, also known as Thai Foot Massage, is an incredibly relaxing yet invigorating treatment of the feet. This Thai treatment is a delightful blend of the ancient healing arts known as reflexology, Chinese Tuina, Japanese Shiatsu and Indian Ayurvedic Yoga. Working with the feet, lower leg and knees, this 2000 year old, highly reputed massage modality frees up blocked energy within the body’s many sen lines (Thai- based meridians) to produce a deep and unique feeling of balance, relaxation and wellbeing.

Reflexology is based on the theory that there are reflexes on the feet and hands that correspond to every organ, gland, and part of the body, and that specific manipulation of these reflexes has a positive effect on those corresponding parts of the body. That’s one thing that makes this type of massage so neat! How awesome it is to have your feet worked while clearing your sinuses at the same time?! In addition to the fun reflex points and energy lines, this offers all the crucial massage and stretching to help rejuvenate your tired soles. Our feet carry us everywhere we go. Our ankle joints provide stabilization for our whole body. The muscles and tendons of the feet, legs, and ankles are hardly given the attention that they deserve. When treated with a Thai Foot Massage, we are increasing flexibility of the feet and joints while also increasing the circulation of the feet and the legs.

When a client says that they have tired feet, I suggest this. If they tell me that they have a painful condition of the feet, I suggest this. AND, when a new client says, “I just want to relax”, this is what I suggest first, before Swedish massage or any other treatment. This session is designed to be incredibly relaxing and therapeutic at the same time. Though it is an hour spent on the feet, this a full body experience.

I typically offer this session on a comfortable Thai Massage mat on the floor. The client wears loose, comfortable clothing, with pants that are easily rolled up to knees and give way for stretching. I start by warming up the feet with an aromatic compress and apply a special Thai balm made with shea butter. I’ll then use various massage techniques, stretching, and point work with both my hands as well as a traditional Thai wooden stick. The Thai stick is a smooth tool and is applied on specific acupressure points to stimulate organ reflex points to the soles of the feet.

You will leave feeling relaxed, energized, and invigorated!

What to expect during your first Thai Massage with Caroline

Thai Massage is different than most other types of massage as it is performed on a thick, comfortable mat on the floor. Thai Massage is performed with the client fully dressed, in loose comfortable clothing. Something that allows for movement would be appropriate, avoiding thick seams or pocket, that you are comfortable being stretched in. 

I ask that all new clients please arrive 5-10 minutes early for their first session. This gives us time to complete a detailed health evaluation before beginning your massage. I ask that clients refrain from eating a heavy meal prior to their session, as this may make some positions less comfortable with a full stomach and the body is the most receptive to movement on an empty stomach.

There are no oils or lotions used in Thai Massage. The massage part of the treatment will be a combination of compression, palpation, rocking, and acupressure.  I may use my hands, forearms, knees, thighs, back and feet during your treatment. I will guide you through a series of yoga postures in which the yoga is passive, meaning you can remain relaxed. Thai Massage is wonderful for everyone, regardless of his or her level of flexibility or familiarity with yoga. We will design your session uniquely to fit your specific needs.

Communication between client and therapist is very important and I will be sure to check in often to make sure that the pressure and amount of stretching meets your preference. A Thai Massage session with me will never hurt, but may sometimes be satisfyingly intense. You will leave feeling refreshed and balanced- energetically, physically, and emotionally.