What to expect during your first Thai Massage with Caroline

Thai Massage is different than most other types of massage as it is performed on a thick, comfortable mat on the floor. Thai Massage is performed with the client fully dressed, in loose comfortable clothing. Something that allows for movement would be appropriate, avoiding thick seams or pocket, that you are comfortable being stretched in. 

I ask that all new clients please arrive 5-10 minutes early for their first session. This gives us time to complete a detailed health evaluation before beginning your massage. I ask that clients refrain from eating a heavy meal prior to their session, as this may make some positions less comfortable with a full stomach and the body is the most receptive to movement on an empty stomach.

There are no oils or lotions used in Thai Massage. The massage part of the treatment will be a combination of compression, palpation, rocking, and acupressure.  I may use my hands, forearms, knees, thighs, back and feet during your treatment. I will guide you through a series of yoga postures in which the yoga is passive, meaning you can remain relaxed. Thai Massage is wonderful for everyone, regardless of his or her level of flexibility or familiarity with yoga. We will design your session uniquely to fit your specific needs.

Communication between client and therapist is very important and I will be sure to check in often to make sure that the pressure and amount of stretching meets your preference. A Thai Massage session with me will never hurt, but may sometimes be satisfyingly intense. You will leave feeling refreshed and balanced- energetically, physically, and emotionally.